I wrote a breif of my mystery shopping experience a few weeks ago and go such an overwhelming response that I thought I would write another to elaborate a little more and just in case anyone missed the first one. 

I began mystery shopping back in 2013. I was skeptical and unsure if it was a scam. I started with MarketForce. They offered shops at a local hamburger restaurant and reimbursed up to $13 for food in return for a short and simple survey. I though, what do I have to lose. I am eating anyways so if they don't pay me back then at least I didn't lose anything.  Well, you guessed it, they paid me back.  From then on, I did more and more shops and gradually found out about various other legitimate mystery shopping companies. I started doing casual dining such as Applesbees style restaurant and worked my way up to fine dining (these reports are much more detailed) I started doing hotels, entertainment shops, sporting events, concerts and you name it. Just about every time I leave my house I am doing a shop of some sort. I am going to fancy restaurants, treating family and freinds to major sporting events, shows, concerts, spas, fancy hotel stays, etc and I don't use a dime of my own money. As a result, I have been able to save my own money and all of my FB friends wonder how I am always going to these fancy restuarants, staying in fancy hotels, going to high dollar events, etc. 

I feel so lucky to have fell into doing this by reading about it on a couponing site and taking a chance. As I said, there is NO money involved and if the company is legit, they will not ask you for any money. 

The only cost associated would be for people who live in Nevada. That state requires you to have a PILB card which is basically a private investigator as they feel mystery shopping is a type of private investigator. That being said, if you live in or near Nevada it is well worth the cost as there are major events out there.  

Here are a few of my favorite companies to work for.  You can always find more by joining some of the mystery shopping pages on FB (there are tons). Schedulers are always posting shops on those pages and looking for people to join, offering bonuses, etc. Some pages are even slimmed down to states such as Mystery Shopping Florida and California Mystery Shoppers (those are both names of pages) . 

Market Force- www.marketforceshopper.com for fast food, quick and easy shops.

A Closer Look- www.a-closer-look.com for casual to fine dining, retail and more. Once you do some lower end shops and get a shopper "rating" they will show you more high value shops such as fine dining, hotels, etc. (Make sure to write a good report to see those)

Service Scouts- www.servicescouts.com for sporting and entertainment events. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, concerts, shows, musicals, and other big venue events with a few smaller things such as dry cleaning, restaurants, etc. 

The second two are my absolute favorites. Market Force was a good entry level just to grab something quick and easy but I don't ever shop them anymore as I prefer sit down dinners to fast food.  

I encourage you to sign up today and treat your family to dinner, events, and more. It is a HUGE money saver and a way to be able to attend games, concerts and more that are too expensive to buy. The tickets will be waiting for you at will call at no cost to you! These companies have events all over the nation and many shoppers even do "route" shopping and go to many events, having their hotels, events and even doing gas station shops for their gas expenses. If you plan it out you can save money on just about everything. I even shop my oil changes!  That one is with Intellishop. I hope this helps you get a good start. It is awesome to be able to attend events free while also helping companies know what could use improvement with their customer service.  This is a great way to save money and have your voice heard as well!  Get started today and I would love to hear about your first shop! Happy Shopping! By the way, please take a look at my other post and let me know about any travel tips/hacks you have. Now that I have shared this awesome money saving tip with you, please share yours with me!  Thank you in advance! 


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