My suggestion would be to just start small, like super small, even $5 a month small. Direct deposit or transfer from one account to another and don't have access to it with a debit card. 

I always recommend a small local bank or credit union. Generally lower fees and more flexibility with accounts. 

We just retired last year reducing our income by 2/3.  Theoretically we have plenty of money to pay our expenses but I’m having a hard time living within my new means.  I try to save then something tends to come up that takes my savings. I’m trying writing down every penny I spend for a month or so to see where I can improve. 

Start saving 5$ at a time. I’m on a fixed income and this app has helped me build an emergency savings account. They can also round up your change from every purchase to allow you to save more much faster

I also do surveys with I made 30$ in 3 days on there! Needless to say, there are lots of ways to earn money to add to your fixed income.

I hear you.....and I share your pain! These are the tips I offer:. Use Trim to save, , cut interested on cards and lower cable and cell phone bill. Use Ebates. Join Nextdoor. .. and get connected with your neighbors, .I get lots of free stuff,. . like dirt  and plants.  Get the Cub app     they have more deals!    Look into Fare for All. Also your food shelves, , great place to volunteer.. .and get food. Use coupons both manufacturer and store. Enroll in Walgreens points program, .use coupons on items in the Sunday paper.  Don't forget Groupon, ,. .

My situation is different but our goals are very similar.  Our income was cut in half & our expenses increased when I became a stay-at-home parent to our son with medical issues.

I called our service providers (ask for customer loyalty or retention) and was able to lower most of those bills or eliminate services that we truly didn't need.  

I grow fruits & veggies in the backyard.  Even with an apartment patio, you can have a tomato plant, herbs, strawberries in pots, etc to enjoy (and I come across a lot of free plants & seeds).

I made it a game to keep track of items I got for free & how much their value was.  I couponed & kept track of my savings.  I love collecting free product coupons & then go to the store once a month to do a 'free shop'.  I also love the clearance section of the grocery store.  It is my game to play, have fun & keep me motivated.  I 'contest' or 'sweepstake' for items that I want & need too.

Any money I find on the ground, goes into our vacation fund.  In my area, drink bottles can be recycled for money - my kids collect them & donate the money to charity, but it can be tax free money to help a budget & gets you out on some nice walks.

The little things start to add up quickly and free up money in our budget to save for our emergency fund & retirement savings.

I walk anywhere I can to save gas money.  

My credit union has free banking accounts.

Sell items that you don't use around your house.

The little things do add up.

Thank you for the reply!  I’ve been having fun with saving-money challenges too and I remember my mom telling me to take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. That really seems to be true and I wonder how much money I wasted in the past just because I had it to spare. 

Thanks everyone for your input. I have been using a few apps like Ibotta & Fetch Rewards which save me money everytime I go to the grocery store or when ordering online. I also get coupons from my local grocery store from time to time for free items and find items discounted on their discount shelf & ask for my senior discount at restaurants.

If I have cash, I save the change in a jar and watch it add up. Also I have a weekly budget for groceries at 100.00. If I spend, say 80.00 that week, 20.00 goes to my savings acct since it was in the budget anyway. Little tricks like that ensure that I always have savings even during tight months. I also use Ebates. Love them. And I use digital coupons at Kroger for food and fuel. It all adds up.

I am retired and recently was scammed out of a lot of money. I have a Costco Credit Card which pays me cash at the end of the year.  I charge my daily expenses, however, I never charge more than I can pay off each month.  Unfortunately I was scammed/frauded out of a lot of money. I am fortunate as I have investments which I am now having to use to  pay off my debts.  The taxes that I will pay is a lot less than paying the interest on my CC.  I am looking into changing my insurance as well as paying for my insurance in a lump some as this will save me money.  My friend pays her insurance in total.  She then takes the total paid and divides it by 12 (months).  The money she saves by paying in full is put away each month.  I am planning on trying this. 

I am also looking for a part time job to help supplement my income such as online computer work


I emptied my change in a jar for a couple of months, took it to the bank and it added up to over $60!  I also am using a fuel discount from grocery shopping and can get up to .09/gallon off. I also just discovered Ebates and it’s awesome.  Thanks for all the great tips!

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