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Hi @James McCoy! Do you like pets? If so, Rover and Wag could be solid options to finding housesitting or care-taking jobs for pets. 

If you want to learn more, we published a comparison of Rover and Wag on The Penny Hoarder. Here it is:

There are other house-sitting gigs. Here are some we highlighted:

Keep us posted on your house-sitting hunt! Best of luck. 

@James McCoy posted:

My wife and I are semi retired. I’m a university English professor and my wife is a professional church musician. Where can we find house-sitting or care-taking jobs near Atlanta?

Very nice read about you., I am also semi retired, with background of international business compliance services in India with services to overseas companies doing business in India.   My wife is doing stock trading in Indian stock exchange and some time I am help her with my inputs about stocks (As I worked in Industries in India)

Thanking you.

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