I’m unemployed, because of the corovirus, I wanted to start selling things? Online Mercari said if I start selling they will give me $ ,  I don’t know how to start or have a paypal account or nothing? Need advice? Motivation?

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I don't know anything about Mercari, but maybe some community members will have some advice. Here's some insight on selling items online from our side gigs and careers writer Adam Hardy that I posted in a previous thread.

"Amazon is pretty much out for third-party sellers who don't have essential goods. I would also recommend holding off on selling clothes because of germs.

Decluttr, a tech marketplace, actually shut down temporarily amid COVID-19. But OfferUp is still humming. They accept all kinds of things.

Facebook Marketplace is another option because there is a lot of room to expand on the measures you may have taken to clean the items. Tons of well-lit pictures will be helpful. It's important to give the impression that the items are super clean. Any marketplace where you can do that would be a good idea.

So with that in mind, Craiglist is a no-go. Etsy seems to be running as usual. Their goods aren't necessarily used, just handmade. A lot of people are getting into crafting again because of the boredom, so that may provide a revenue stream.

 Also, home-office stuff is extremely popular right now. So those items will likely sell well on places like OfferUp and FB Marketplace."

Beyond selling items online, you can check out The Penny Hoarder's work-from-home jobs portal here: https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/wfh/ We're working extra hard to bring you the latest opportunities here because we know that remote jobs are more important than ever right now.

Also, here's a list of companies that are hiring 700,000 workers right now: https://www.thepennyhoarder.co...gs/coronavirus-jobs/

Good luck to you!

Hi! I us tried out Mercari this week! It's convenient because they give you a prepaid Fedex label and you just drop it off. Very easy platform and they do most of the work. With the cost of shipping and a moderate fee, you probably don't earn as much of a profit as you would on another platform such as Ebay but the time to list and the work involved is only a couple minutes for Mercari. Worth trying out!

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