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I've earned extra income through freelance work, including freelance writing, marketing services and virtual assistance.

I've also earned additional income through cashback apps like Ibotta. It's not an earth shattering amount of money, but it's extra money I wouldn't have otherwise made that is earned by purchasing household or groceries items I know I need so that's always been a win-win for me!

E-commerce is great and is primarily what I'm focused on. You can also flip goods on Craiglist/ebay. And if you're not shy, you can hustle streets by busking.

I've also done Airbnb arbitrage before, where you rent a place and sublet it to an Airbnb tenant (with landlord's approval of course), if you'd like. I think this model should be avoided for my personal preference, but works for some.

I've also done stuff with cold-calling businesses and selling SEO services to them.

...And something else I've done that might be accessible to most is service arbitraging (low effort).

You might also consider selling digital goods on Etsy so you have no inventory risk.

Other than busking, I've tried all of the above and have written reports on all of them including a few other misc side hustle tactics that didn't work out. But you might consider those as well - just because something didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you.

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Have you considered using those apps in the app store that claim to pay you real money? I think those cash back apps like Dosh and Ibotta really add up.

For me, one of the best ways to make money is buying used iPhones that have cracked screens, fixing them up, unlocking them, and selling them for a profit.

You can usually get a $100 profit per phone, so if you do 10 phones a month, that's an extra $1,000.

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I have several side hustles, some of which are harder (and make more money) than others.

One is real estate investing - very profitable over the long term, but you need some capital to get started.

Another is online lead generation for small businesses. This can be lucrative if you know SEO and/or paid ads like Google or FB. I have a few different sites that make $1000 a month.

On the easier side (and lower paying) is cash back apps like Rakuten, Drop, Dosh, Fetch, etc. If you combine a few you can make $50-100 a month pretty easily.

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Source & Resell - Find local items, free or buy, and refresh and resell.

Pros: little to no initial capital needed; quick and easy startup and cash flow; light social local interactions/stories

Cons: Time intensive to manage ongoing sourcing, marketing and sales process; manage personal safety.

"Crypto Mining" - Buy computer/Network device, connect to network, begin earning. There are many options. Search phrase to get started.

Pros: Quasi-passive income; learn new tech; may be lucrative if successful

Cons: Very steep initial learning curve; pay in crypto; highly volatile crypto values; lots and lots of scams out there to avoid; more complex tax filing; new tech makes predicting successful enterprises challenging

"Rent Your Home WiFi" - There are many options out there. Keyword search this phrase to find articles with options.

Pros: Easy startup; passive income

Cons: Only nominal income to defray some utility expenses

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