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I am 53 yrs old and I am being claimed as a dependent on my parents return.  The last time I filed taxes was in 2016 and since then I have'nt worked and receive food stamps also.  Should I file taxes for 2019 to get a stimulus check?  

Thank You for any help you can provide.

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As Leslie Kay said, it would be pointless because you are being claimed as a dependent. This is the situation for my oldest son. I claimed him last year and now he's out on his own (got his own place in January) and he's not eligible to get the stimulus. Luckily he's working so he isn't hurting. 

Being claimed as a dependent basically means all your basic needs are taken care of by someone else, in this case your parents. In the Government's eyes, you don't need the money to help you get by. 

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@LatinLaydie Unfortunately, what everyone else has said is right here: If you're being claimed as a dependent, you won't qualify for a check of your own.

The only suggestion I can offer is: Check with your parents to see if they've already filed their 2019 return. The deadline was pushed back from April 15 to July 15, so there's a chance they haven't. In the event that they haven't filed for 2019, you may want to discuss whether you could file your own tax return instead of having them claim you. When they claim you, they're probably getting a $500 credit — which, of course, is less than the $1,200 you'd get from receiving your own check.

It's a long shot, but worth at least asking!

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