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I am currently trying to decide if I should finish my associate’s degree in accounting, and continue on to a bachelors degree, or push it off for a while and work 2 jobs for a year to build up my savings. I am a single mother so the prospect of going back to school will take a lot of focus and planning. Also the other problem is I do not think that I am interested in accounting, I just know it’s a valuable skill to have. If anyone could share their point of view, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi MC,

If possible, I would strongly encourage you to complete your degree.  Oftentimes, regardless of previous studies, schools will transfer in most of your credits to provide you at least a full year and often 2 years of credits. 

You'll likely have 4 semesters to get through, many schools offer on-line and accelerated courses (5 weeks each) so that you can feel you're making process.

Once you have your degree, no one can take it away from you.  It took me 14 years over 4 schools, 6 majors, 2 states, and a crappy marriage but I am so grateful I did it.

You can do it.  And there are even grants right now to assist you with the tuition and sometimes living expenses.  It was either PennyHoarder or NerdWallet that I saw the info regarding grants.

Oh and it truly doesn't matter what your degree is in.  My majors included:

English (HS American Lit)

Speech Language Pathology

Special Education

Technical Writing

And finished in Healthcare Management because it was an accelerated program and at the time I was working in a Hospital.

And what do I do now?  I'm in HR and have climbed the ladder with the assistance of a 4 year degree.  It will separate you and provide distinction.

Best of Luck!



If you aren't attending a community college for AAS, please consider that option. Tuition per credit is much lower than a 4-year. In AZ, there is a CC district with 10 CC's all with direct transfer programs to in state universities. I believe most states have similar arrangements. Also, CC's can have accessible scholarships for first in family to college, single mom, etc. I strongly urge you to speak with a CC advisor to discuss potential earnings for Accounting AAS.


Award: AAS
Total Credits: 61-70
CIP Code: 52.0301

SOC Code (Shared Occupational Classification)
Upon completion of this degree, students may pursue a career as:
13-2011.01 Accountants
43-3011.00 Bill and Account Collectors
43-3031.00 Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks
13-2031.00 Budget Analysts
13-2041.00 Credit Analysts
13-2081.00 Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents
13-2082.00 Tax Preparers

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