If you share your favorite community thread on social media and tag us (while using the hashtag #lessmoneystress) we're giving you 100 points to add to your community score! 

Hint: Your community score reflects how active you are in the community and earns you cool things like - Member of the Month, MVP opportunities, etc. 

If you read our weekly community announcement yesterday, you may be familiar with a fun social sharing contest we just announced. For those who have no idea what I'm referencing, here's a quick low down.

  1. Share your favorite community thread on your favorite social channel
  2. Tag The Penny Hoarder 
  3. Use the hashtag #lessmoneystress

That's it! You'll be entered to win a surprise Penny Hoarder swag item! The winners will be chosen at random! 

Not sure how to share your favorite thread?

At the top of each thread, you'll see a bar full of social share buttons, click the platform you want to share to and BOOM! That simple. 

See below: 

This week in The Penny Hoarder Community The Penny Hoarder Community

Pro Tip: You can even share surveys to get your friends and family to weigh in on them. It may even make them want to get into the community too! 

Will you be sharing your favorite threads on social? 

I enjoy reading up on building communities, LOTR marathons, ocean conservation efforts (such as volunteering), and playing with my puppy Thor. 


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Just shared my first one on Facebook.

One thing I found out, if you try sharing right after you post a reply, it will share your reply, so if you are trying to share the entire topic, make sure the link in your browser is directly to the topic and isn't to your reply.

For example after my previous reply, if I would try to share the topic it would share this link: https://community.thepennyhoar...2#512337030855006692

To be sure you are sharing the topic make sure it doesn't have the question mark or anything after it in your browser.

In this example, this is the link you want to share: https://community.thepennyhoar...big-community-points

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