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I wanted to say I apologize for not being very active here in the community as of recent.

Along with all the craziness of this year, I was hit pretty hard with an unexpected financial disaster and have been trying to recover from that.

I will be trying my best to log on here more often and help out around the community.

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Hang in there, it will get better in the long run.

I had the same problem in April, May, June and July 2020. My works internet was Hijacked and held for ransom, it affected our payroll. As all employees are on Direct Deposit. 

I work for the State of Texas Government. They did not pay ransom. Everything is back to normal work wise, But I'm still trying to get caught up on my monthly bills.

Good Luck.


Im sorry about the financial troubles. I am also glad Texas didn’t pay that ransom!!

Re medical expenses - only half of the jobs in the US health insurance  It is sad  it reminds me of a waitress I knew   She had to break up with her husband and quit her job in order to get the surgery she needed  

I hate to see people suffer and hope my financial future isn’t ruined with a bad Medicare plan  

Pray for you all





@Moore Income I think we've all been hit with something unexpectedly this year. With all that's going on in our world today, I'm surprised more people haven't seen financial ruin than have already. My second cousins have lost a series of restaurants in Indiana, and my brother and his girlfriend lost money when the stock market started to tank at the beginning of "the time of trouble". But, many of us have survived and are better people for it, and I'm sure, with your ingenuity and drive you'll find your way forward again. Even us older folks are trying to do so. Thankfully my wife was considered an essential worker and we had a steady income from her paycheck and my SSDI. Many didn't. All who've had to suffer financial difficulties during this time are in our prayers. I, too have had to take a hiatus here because of the number of children who were forced into taking classes online instead of in person, and the number of people who were forced to start working remotely from home. In the rural area where we live, the bandwidth isn't sufficient to carry the load. So, it's on and off again service. It should improve soon, though. Everyone have a great day!

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