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I have been a Stash Invest user for 3 years and have never had a problem with their service.

I have an investment account, a retirement account and their bank account/debit card which I use from time to time.

The fact that they allow fractional share investing among many other features makes them one of my favorite investing apps that is not a robo-adviser.

Do you have any specific questions about Stash? I would be happy to help answer any I can.

I have been using Stash since 2017. I love it! The debit/bank card gives you stocks. The investments are easy to transact and you can set up auto debit for any amount you choose. You can buy any company stock starting at $1 !   They offer educational blogs so you can learn about any topic financially. they offer retirement accounts and custodial for your kids. Best of all, the monthly fee is $1. !! ...and NO overdraft fees on the banking account!  yay! LOVE STASH!🤑🥳

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