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Hi Penny, 

I have a question on this matter. I have not filed for income tax since 2017 and I applied for SSD but it's still pending to this day. I have not had a job since 2017 due to my injury on my shoulder rotator cuff, had repaired back 2018 since then I had applied for SSD benefits got denied but I kept reapplying. Right now I'm on adult benefits from Colorado, while waiting for my SSD to be approved. Now am I eligible for the stimulus check? And I also got two grandkids which I finally putting them on Tanf benefits two. How do I inquired on getting them stimulus check or they're not eligible at this time? Please let me know what to do or direct where to get information. 

Thank you

Amelia Denetchiley

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There will be a Treasury website that will allow you to register yourself hopefully by the end of April and those checks are an eta of September. I do not think that you can get the stimulus for your grandchildren unless you file a 2019/2020 tax return and claim them as dependants. Which is free and should be done immediately. If you choose that route. If you are depending on the registry to get your check you will not get paid for dependents. This info is a compilation of articles I have read on the IRS and Treasury websites. You can always google those sites for the most up to date information.

Hi @Amelia Denetchiley, yes, you should be eligible. But you don't want to wait for your Social Security to be sorted out to apply. The best solution is to file a 2018 or 2019 simple tax return. I promise: It really is painless and should only take a few minutes. I just wrote a quick guide on how to file a simple return:

And @Leslie Kay is right! Even if you were receiving Social Security benefits, you'd need to file a tax return to get the $500 credits for your grandchildren. 

So file that return ASAP! Coronavirus payments could start coming as early as the end of this week. Meanwhile, I hope your Social Security benefits are sorted out quickly. Take care.

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