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We have Amazon Prime (which I really do love), as well as Hulu and Netflix. I also have a monthly subscription to Dropbox and Apple Music. The one we use the least is Hulu, but since it doesn't cost very much it doesn't bother me to have it. I do use Dropbox for work and Apple Music almost daily. 


Ok, I have a lot of subscriptions. One for razor blades, use it, save money because with so many razor blades out there I would forget which ones hubby used and end up buying new razors with a vow to remember what kind of blades to get only to have them discontinue that style.

I have a furnace filter subscription which comes every three months because we would never remember to change the filter, but now we just do it when the new filter comes. A fellow Penny Hoarder suggested I buy a permanent, washable filter, so I will be looking into that AFTER this NO Spend challenge.

I have Amazon Plus and love it. I have Netflix...use it, love it. 

I have Amazon Subscribe and Save that sends my choice of products every month with between 5 and 20% off each product...only get items I need. You can change the products each month if you want, add, take away until a few days before shipment.

I have a subscription for Prevagen (a memory supplement). It's the cheapest price I could find it AND I don't have to REMEMBER to buy it. However, I just got an email last week that said is discontinuing their subscription services so I have to find another place to get our Prevagen.

I had a k-cup subscription (that I just cancelled). I loved it, but decided to try to get a reusable k-cup from Keurig because I've heard it's the best one out there. I have thousands of "points" with them, so I will order my reusable k-cup from them with points for half price and see how it goes. I will probably use up my points since now you can also get some coffee k-cups with points (not at 50% off but 30% off for the coffee k-cups). Per k-cup, the best price I can find for the coffee I like.

I had a Young Living Essential Oils subscription. You had to spend $50 per month and every 3 months you got a free product, plus you got points for your orders. You could use the points for free products. I was stocked up on the oils and products that I loved, so I used up my $140 worth of points to stock up even more and then cancelled. I can rejoin later if I use up my products and then decide I can't live without them.

We cut cable couple years ago and got Sling. I have to say it rivals cable, but is around $30 monthly, with no subscription. We also have ROKU and stream through Xfinity internet, about $90 month. We have Amazon Prime (I first got it when we were overseas and I love it); it’s about $13 month with thousands of free movies, TV series, free online books, free music, free photo storage, and free two-day shipping on thousands of items, that come straight to your door. We also have Netflix, my hubs likes it; it’s about $14 monthly. I buy razor blades from Dollar Shave Club through the mail, very affordable and free shipping. I use A+ deodorant (a natural deodorant) and get it through the mail.


I dont have any subscriptions their all a waste of money. Before I lost my job back in 2007, I had a three bundle withVerizon, but then one by one I canceled all of them, since I could afford them. But far as today, I have made a vow to my God Jehovah to not watch any tv that has anything that isnt clean like the tv news, killings and stuff isnt what I want to watch. So I spend my free time reading the Bible or other Books that will build my relationship with Jehovah amd make it strong, since we are living in the last days, we will continue to see so much violence in the world. So I have no subscriptions to speak about cas I dont waste my money on them. They cannot give me true enjoyment like reading the Bible. 

But if yr thing is to pay for things like Netflix or Hulu or prime, then go for it, but for me and my household, we buy what we need and save the rest for a rainy day.

Thanks for your input everyone! I had about $129 of total subscriptions and cancelled the majority of them. I’m paying for Netflix and my sister pays for Hulu. I love that high services let you set up profiles so we basically have our own accounts. 

I also have a monthly Dollar Shave Club subscription for $7, Apple Music for $9.99, Internet for $69.99 and a Microsoft subscription for $6. 

I made the mistake of getting into a contract with Direct TV 2 years ago. My monthly rate went from $64 to $165. I’m glad my contract will end this month. I plan on cancelling and just getting an HBO subscription since it’s the only thing I use. 

Annually, I pay for AAA (thinking of cancelling) and for Amazon Prime.

I set a financial goal for myself to be even smarter with my money than last year. I’m done with contracts. 

dboothe posted:

LISMOX,  Why not drop HULU?? It may not cost much but we are Penny Hoarders. It adds up. If you don't use it...get rid of it!  Imagine taking whatever amount of money that is and throwing it in the trash every month. 

We dropped it yesterday. A penny saved is a penny earned. Thanks for the encouragement.

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