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I am happy to share how I survived without an income, when I touched rock bottom, became homeless, and I was living in my car.

When I was diagnosed with PTSD, and I couldn't work ending up without money, nor family to help me, I had no choice, but live in my car.

I only had food stamps, which didn't last a month, and I had to find the way to keep my lifestyle without money; therefore, I found out that I could take free showers every day at truck stops, because the truckers would give me free shower coupons, I would get help from churches to put gas in my car, and some cash to do the laundry at the truck stops, which are very well taken care of, being clean and safe.  When I ran out of the food stamps, the churches would give me grocery stores gift cards, and if worse came to worse, I would ask Chick-Fil-A to donate a chicken sandwich for me, which they did.                                                                                             I also did some gigs to get cash such as: Waving  a Liberty Tax sign on the street, wearing the Statue of Liberty costume, worked for a couple of hours at a theater function selling souvenirs, and I would get paid in cash.                                                   My Church's Pastor gave me permission to park myself in the church parking lot at night, so I slept in my car there. I also parked my car at the truck stops to sleep there sometimes, and finally at Walmart.                                                                             

I hope the above tips will help to know how to survive in case of hardship, without any money. It was not easy, but it worked.

Thank you very much.


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@sthom posted:

I wanted to share some links I saw this morning on the CNBC site if you are looking for additional help resources:

This is a social care network

Takes you to HHS Office of Community Services

Sharon T.

Thank you very much for the links. I appreciate it, because this information is very helpful, and the more resources the better. Blessings! Anita.

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