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WARNING😀o not open an account With synchrony bank. I have had a horrible experience with them and their customer service representatives have not been help. I opened a account with them in the month of may I deposited a check from an older account which had an old address on the check in response synchrony bank froze my account and told me I have to wait two months while they review my account it has been three months and they are still holding my mom hostage I am at a impasse because I don’t know what to do from here they have asked me to show proof of my address they asked for a copy of my ID I have sent it to them three times and yet I’m still my account is still froze if you have any suggestions please feel free to post one 

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Dan84,  I am with you on Synchrony Bank. I have a Care Card with them.  In order to pay your bill using PayPal, you must do it over the phone.  That is the worst experience, from the automation which gets everything wrong to the actual people you talk to who do not understand English nor do they speak it clearly and at a reasonable pace.  I tried to pay my bill and the customer service person got the PayPal number wrong. We tried again, and she said she had a problem with her machine and hung up on me instead of trying to work it out.  Doing that kept me from being able to evaluate her performance.  I would have been fired for that.  On top of that, it showed that they received the money, and they said they did not receive it.  It took me forever to find out that they never accepted the funds from PayPal.  I was told my money would be in limbo for one month.  I needed that money to pay other bills because I had to then pay Synchrony with a bank check.  Never again.  I am still paying this bill.  I cannot wait to get this over with.

They are the bank for a number of store credit cards, too. So be sure to read the fine print before applying for credit and see which bank that store chain is using. They've had a bad reputation for a long time.

It seems that an online complaint to the FTC? perhaps. Or federal banking agency by googling it. May get you started. Try to get their responses via email or snail mail so you have proof of what you are being told for back up.

There is an even bigger problem.

PayPal sold their accounts to Syncrony. I was with PayPal and operated a business from 2007 using them to obtain groceries for my business.  When I opened the account it was with the auspices that it would never be turned in to the credit bureau.  They sold my account, always up to date.  All of a sudden it turned up on my credit report with the wrong dates of opening.  I did not know who Syncrony was or what it was for.

There is and was so much trouble over this that now in order to pay you have to go to PayPal to make a payment.  I wrote a letter and they decided to act as if my account was compromised  and gave me new account numbers.  So much for corporate responsiblity.

Wounded and fed up and paying off asap. Merri



Hmmmm, very interesting with Synchrony Bank, we have a Sam's Club MC with them and never have had any of this type of trouble.  We never use PayPal to pay, I just am uneasy with that system. What we do to pay our MC is use the automated teller from Synchrony Bank, which is free, we also get our statement in the mail and can view it online. From there it is a one time authorized payment from our credit union account, they notify when the transaction goes through. On top of that they pay a kickback once a year.

The only issue was when we went out of town and they saw transactions reflecting this, just called them and they took off the hold immediately. Also we have called them and told them of our travel dates and where we were going, they put a hold on our account then too, catch 22. Sigh.

Also we have debated charges and have been successful.

I ended up contacting the federal consumer bureau and after synchrony received my complaint they called me to resolve the issue it only took them 90 days and I still had to wait 5 days for them to release my account funds never again the ruined my perception of all online banks only brick and mortar banks for me going forward 

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