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The Penny Hoarder Forum is Growing Into a Great Community Welcome from Jon from Moore Income BlogWhen I joined the community a little less than a month ago, there were somewhere between 300-400 members in this community.

Now I checked and there are 1,402 as of when I am writing this! That's over 1,000 new members in less than 1 month!

I don't know about you but I find that pretty exciting! I have already learned so much from other people sharing their experiences and have met quite a few great people as well!

My goal here is to share as much value as I can with fellow members and also to learn as much as I can from the experience other people share!

That being said, there are quite a few new members who we haven't heard anything from yet. If you are new here, I encourage you to introduce yourself and share your story!

Everyone is an important part of this community and when you share your knowledge, experience and stories, it helps all of us to learn and grow.

So if you are a bit shy or on the fence about whether or not to post a topic or reply, I just want to let you know that we (especially myself) wants to hear from you!

Also, I can't wait to see this community grow to another 1,000 people. And all of us who are new here can have a part in helping this community grow even stronger.

Some ways I have discovered to share the community:

     - Use the "Invite Others to Join" feature when you hover over your name in the top write and click on the "Invitations" link.

     - Sharing a link to the community on your social media profiles

     - Using the share buttons at the top of forum topics to share the thread and give people a sneak peak into the community

     - Tell your friends and family about this awesome community you are a part of! (Word of Mouth)

These are just a few of the ways you can spread the word about the community and it won't be long before together we can get to 10K!

Once we get all the 40K people from the fb group on here, then we can work on doubling that to 80K! 

(I told you I am excited! I just think it is awesome to be a part of such a unique community of people!)

Here is a list of some of the NEWEST members who have signed up recently. If I tag you, feel free to comment below and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you.

If you are already a part of this community, reach out to these folks and make them feel welcome. Send them a private message just to say hi!

If we all work together, I truly believe we can make this the #1 BEST EVER Financial Community on the Internet... and in the WORLD! 

Welcome to The Penny Hoarder Forum by Jon from Moore Income Blog We are Growing

Welcome to the community! 

(P.S. The words beside your tag are greetings in different languages. For fun you can check out which language I greeted you in here. P.S.S. I only personally speak English and Spanish but I just wanted to have a creative way to greet everyone 

@Lisa Storhaug heyello

@plc zdraveite

@AmyA boke

@Lisa Hartley kaixo

@A Brink mambo

@Toneejha Grant hallo

@Kyledbarber88 aloha

@Randy McIlrath namaste

@Julianne góðan dag

@Unice Horne ciào

@BB ohayou gozaimasu

@robert stroud choni

@Erica Marhaba

@Pam Cacioppo kwe kwe

@Christine Motts laba diena

@Freebird barev

@Malik salve

@Cortney Taborn moïen

@Stephanie Temme Williams kia ora

@Janice Lillie namaskara

@Taylor Lockard sain baina uu?

@Scott Fannon dumelang

@greenethumbe merhaba

@$$Luv2Save$$ hola

@Joe morin mbote

@Terri ahn nyeong ha se yo

@Elizabeth Vazquez Fresse salaam

@Billf dzień dobry

@Castrija29 baagunnara

@Barbara Wilson živjo

@Fletch Sanders a`yubowan

@Drob olá

@Autom sawa dee-krap

@Brian V  hej

@Cjpouncey09 adaab

@fee shwmai

@American West Services hello

@Jodi L Schultz labdien

@Jackson salut

@Glam ma ma ia orana

@Brian Wyss sup braddah

@polli haja

@Jimmy Aldaz Ram Ram

@Kristine nawa tuu?

@Kayleetheyoubtubebeast moin moin

@Jermaine Johnson namaskar

@Bdaiuto merħba

There are many more to welcome but for time sake I will have to stop there.

If you are new and I didn't tag you, comment below anyways!

Also anyone can feel free to tag newer users here so we can make them feel welcome.

Lets make this the most active and friendliest thread on this forum! 

Hi, I'm Jon Moore!

My goal is to Impact others and Create A Better Financial Future for all!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time with any questions or just to say hey!

Also, if you are interested, check out my Youtube Channel


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  • The Penny Hoarder Forum is Growing Into a Great Community Welcome from Jon from Moore Income Blog
  • Welcome to The Penny Hoarder Forum by Jon from Moore Income Blog We are Growing
Original Post

Hello everyone! I am a brand new Penny hoarder and I love the opportunity to learn new ways of making money and saving money and basically managing money!  I probably like money too much! I definitely feel that I can learn a lot and be a lot better off and stop having to worry so much about this subject that is so near and dear to all of our hearts. To prosperity for us all!

Hi all. I'm excited to be apart of this community & well to explore more of what's to come. I'm from SC & well I'm on disability so I'm always looking for ways to earn extra income from home. The one thing I've found that I absolutely love & makes me feel like more than just a SSN is helping others in whatever way I can. It lifts me up knowing that I did something for someone & it helped them or made things a bit easier for them or just made them smile. I do however enjoy researching thing I'm interested in or like my diagnosis from my doctors. I feel the more educated I am & the more I understand whatever I'm into at the time, the more I can do about it. Anyways I just wanted to say how happy & excited I am to be apart of this community & all that other stuff came out. LOL I guess I'm just gonna jump right on in & be as active as I can. 

@KrisS@Nancy Youngs@Ktpnuss@Michella@Elisa E Welcome. So glad you all are a part of this community!

@Nancy Youngs you are definitely in the right place to learn about those topics!

@Elisa E Helping others is a great thing to do! I truly believe that providing value to others and putting others needs first is the first step to experiencing personal success on a level that goes much deeper than simply financial.

Just wanted to give a welcome shoutout to the NEWEST members who I currently see have joined the forum.

@Sharon Leczel@Lucy@Marsha Vaughn

@Jeia_Cheree@Darrell@Johneric@Karen Smith@Paranoid Mary Marvel

@Peggy Downing@TjBurns@Erek Bierlein@Carmen M Badeau

@Carmen@Baby D@Torilanee

Welcome to the community. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments and tell us a little more about yourself!

I wish I could welcome every new member but more and more keep joining. It is exiting but hard to keep up. So I will just continue to welcome those members on the newest member section whenever I log on.


Welcome to the community new members, feel free to introduce yourself here! I look forward to hearing your story!

@DPlamondon@ElizabethD@ClockWork@C.Christman@Tammy Lange@Mary Banks,

@Teresa Fallen-Marcum@MadNinja069@MsKim@TNT,

@Kellz@Jeanel@Judi@Amyblaize1@Cheryl Snow

Welcome all! If I missed you, be sure to still introduce yourself!

Happy Penny Hoarding!

Welcome to all our newest members! You guys have helped us achieve the  2K Member Milestone so way to go!

@Breezyhollywood D Hollywood | @David Fitzgerald | @Dylan Prince

@DottieRose | @Lyonni | @Martini | @Kim O.

@Jody Smith | @annaii | @Sharon Norberg | @Marquese king

@Judy720 | @Rwebster | @Ashley13 | @Scoop

Be sure to introduce yourself and invite all your friends so we can keep growing this community!

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