Is video-streaming service like Hulu & Netflix is worth your cash in US. I support Netflix for the content that available in different genres. But Hulu gives a cheaper subscription to nation.  

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I personally cut the cord and only use Youtube TV and Hulu vs traditional cable. I am very curious to hear everyone's opinions on Disney+.

We use a Roku player and pay Spectrum $20 a month for some basic channels. In addition, we subscribe to Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. So we probably spend about $50 a month on cable services. It's much better than it could be! And I get to watch the Golden Girls on Hallmark, plus all the cheesy Lifetime and Hallmark holiday movies.

As a Verizon member, I have a year free of Disney +, but haven't had time to check it out yet. I'm a fan of the Marvel movies, so I'm excited!


My wife and I stopped our subscription to Netflix a while back simply because we didn't watch it enough.

But even with the recent price increase, I think it is still worth it for the amount of content you get access to.

With the recent introduction of Disney+, I might have to subscribe simply because my wife loves watching some of the shows from her childhood 

Hey, You're supposed to be encouraging us to give up all that extra cost stuff, but I think you just talked me into keeping my Netflix AND ordering Disney +!!

Just kidding!  I'll cut back on Christmas shopping, increase charitable giving a little, keep Netflix and NOT order Disney+ (until I give up Netflix).

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