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  • Announcing the Member of the Month for JUNE! 

For those who haven’t heard, our Member of the Month for the month of June goes to… @mintjulep, AKA Patricia May. Patricia is one of the first to help provide advice to members in need, as well as share her own experiences. For the month of June, Patricia received 146 points for the month, including 22 replies and 48 visits to the community! WOW! She’s an extremely genuine member who deeply enjoys helping others! Everyone go congratulate her! 

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Most talked about threads

Lots of members are asking great questions this week! Do you have an answer for them? 

These days with all of the new technology, buying a new phone can come with a pretty hefty price tag. @Kathryn Stempel is looking for the best place to find an affordable phone. Have any suggestions? 

Share them with her: https://community.thepennyhoar...eed-a-new-cell-phone

Getting rid of outstanding debt can be such a relieving feeling. But what happens when you find yourself in more debt again. @Jessica Copeland shares: 

I moved back out on my own a few months later and due to paying rent, power, etc, along with having to do a few thousand dollars of work on my car and continual medical expenses, I am now in worse debt than I was before.  

I'm trying to get approved for another personal loan to consolidate my payments but I'm trying to find other solutions in the meantime to help me get at least a little ahead.  I have a good credit score and a full-time job; however, I'm still barely getting by.

Does anyone have any advice, tips, or tricks?

Change Maker of the Week 

This week, @ekuhlens had some great advice for how she pays off debt: 

How many savings accounts do you have?  I use three 1 for medical 1 for taxes and 1 for personal enjoyment.  They do not give me much interest - but they are there for rainy days - I used direct deposit and started out small - $10 - $15 a month and as my salary grew, added more.  That also gave me a feeling of accomplishing something and provided a rainy day fund for me. If you are paying off debt - your need to balance it by paying yourself in the future by saving.  Every night put your change in a jar - I take a jar (in turn) to the different banks every 3 to 6 months and add between $100 and $300 to the savings account. I don't spend change - I pay myself with it.

Community member @Jennifer Stone wants to hear about your best money saving hacks! Drop them in the thread for other members to see, here

Looking to work from home? 

On our website, we have a Work-from-Home jobs portal, where we share the latest work-from-home opportunities with you, including what the job entails, experience needed and hourly pay. Each week, we’ll be sharing a few here, so it’ll be easy for you to stay on top of if you’re searching for additional income or a new job.

Looking for a Remote Customer Service Job with Benefits? Manulife Is Hiring

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