Happy Tuesday, Penny Hoarders! 

We’re going to switch things up a bit -- so that it’s easier for you to get up to speed on the latest community happenings, we’re going to bring you announcements, top threads, and threads that need YOUR help in a more concise post.

Here it goes! 

Announcement 1: 

Have you seen the latest update to The Penny Hoarder homepage? We recently added the latest community threads to it! Each time there’s a new post, it will populate on the main page. Which means even more opportunities to have your posts answered! 

Announcement 2: 

We are going to be announcing July’s Member of the Month in just a little over a week! Think you might have a chance at that $25 gift card? 

Most talked about threads: 

Family and Finances - How much did you learn growing up?

Working while on SSDI

These Penny Hoarders need your help: 

Best ways to save money in shopping

Has anyone used National Debt Relief or Pacific loan programs? 

Residual income 

Feedback group opportunity to be featured as a source for a Penny Hoarder article! 

Our writer Tiffany is writing a post about credit cards after bankruptcy and needs your help! 

Questions about getting a credit card after bankruptcy

That's it for today. Until next week! 

I enjoy reading up on building communities, LOTR marathons, ocean conservation efforts (such as volunteering), and playing with my puppy Thor. 

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