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Happy Friday!

Whew! Where has this week gone? Here’s your weekly round up of announcements to get you through today and into the weekend...

  • We’ve crowned our November Member of the Month. Join me in congratulating Lisa Acuña (@lismox) for being selected this month’s winner! We all appreciate your help around here, Lisa.

    Each month we look to crown a new winner. We’re looking for someone who is super helpful and active in the community. Each winner receives a $25 gift card and their picture displayed for everyone to see! Will you earn the title next month?

  • Our team recently created a cool new video for the Community featuring 3 of our MVPs. Thank you @Moore Income@KellyFromKeene and @Adam for helping make this video possible. We are feeling all of the feels today watching it on repeat! Take a minute to check it out!

  • We are always trying to find new ways to connect with each and every one of you. Last week I announced the addition of a bio field in your profile. Well, this week we’ve added another fun feature for you! We want to know about the financial win you’re most proud of. Mine is paying off my student loans. 

    You can find these new fields on your profile page. I can’t wait to read what you all write!

  • There is still time to enter our current giveaway! We teamed up with some awesome brands to bring you the chance to win an iPhone 11, AirPods, an Apple TV, travel credits for your next trip and more! Click here to enter.

As another week comes to a close, let's recap this week’s most talked about threads and a couple that can use some love. 

This week’s most talked about threads:
How do I keep myself afloat?
Side hustle from home
Beginner Investing

These Penny Hoarders need your help:
What do you do with your junk mail (paper mail)?
Mortgage Refinance  


Ashlee is a Community Ambassador for The Penny Hoarder. Trading the mountains of the PNW for the beaches of FL, she enjoys exploring new places, cold brew and spending time with her family.

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