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Hi Penny Hoarders!

This week we want to give our Veterans a special shoutout. We’ve been celebrating you all week long and are so thankful for your service. 

Here’s your weekly round up of announcements...

  • In the market for a home? Here’s how to qualify for a conventional loan, which could save you thousands. Check out this quick video our team put together explaining everything you need to know. You can also read the entire article here

  • Have you found a cool way to make money outside of your day job? Share with your fellow Penny Hoarders in this month’s survey. Be sure to read through the responses for some inspiration! 

    The survey closes on the 21st, click here to take it. 

  • Finally, are you local to the Tampa Bay area and want to drink some beers while learning about earning an extra income? We’re hosting a fun event at The Penny Hoarder HQ on 12/4 to do just that! Green Bench Brewery is providing the brews and we’ll have a number of successful side hustlers in the Tampa Bay area teaching us how to get started.

    Today is the last day for early bird pricing ($20) before it goes up to $30. Visit to register.

As another week comes to a close, let's recap this week’s most talked about threads and a couple that can use some love. 

This week’s most talked about threads:
Selling my Timeshare
How to get a loan

These Penny Hoarders need your help:
Credit Cards
Robert Kiyosaki


Ashlee is a Community Ambassador for The Penny Hoarder. Trading the mountains of the PNW for the beaches of FL, she enjoys exploring new places, cold brew and spending time with her family.

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Too bad I missed the early bird pricing on the event.

Who knew you guys would be hosting an event on my birthday when I will be in the area as my wife and I finish up the driving part of our 50 State tour!

I will be in Orlando which isn't too far of a drive from the event so I am going to try to see if I can make it work for sure.

I don't drink but it will be great to meet some fellow Penny Hoarders and learn from some successful side hustlers!

Try Credit One, First Premier, Capital One for bad credit Visa/MC's. You will pay a monthly service fee on each card from $6.95-8.95 and a high annual fee and high interest with small CL. $300-500. There are other startup fees, as well. (These are not the cards you have to pay cash upfront to get. I have never tried one of those.)

I had 5 accounts paid pristinely for 5 years and there is no good exit plan. The cards proved my creditworthiness and helped my credit score. But when I could get higher CL's with rewards from regular banks and tried closing those expensive cards to avoid those service fees the bottom of my credit fell out. So be careful not to carry high balances on these cards and pay them off before closing them.

Another easy option is a Discover Secured credit card for $200. This seemed to raise my credit by 50 points. But after years of perfect payments, they still would not change this to unsecured credit. So any secured card be sure to ask that question. What is the exit plan?

Good luck!

One thing I found out a couple years back is the more payments that you make the faster your credit will go up.  for instance, I had a small limit on a Chase Card of around $3,000 and I started using it to purchase products for my business and paying it off sometimes three times a week and my score went up very quickly! and my limit it went up faster than the normal 9 months waiting period for  small increases. Someone had told me that frequency of payments shows your ability to pay and that turns them on apparently! LOL

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