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We made it to December!

With the holidays around the corner and the final month of the year upon us, I’d love to know: how are you feeling? What’s top of mind for you? What are you looking forward to this month? Comment down below and let us know how you are.

There have been some great comments and questions this week, so let’s help each other out:

@MC4444 is a single mom trying to decide if she should finish her accounting degree, or work two jobs and build up her savings for a year. MC4444 shared that she is not passionate about accounting but knows it’s a valuable skill. She asked the community to share some perspective. If anyone has been in this situation or has any insights or feedback to share with her, please let her know in the thread.

Since the pandemic, @Michelle Cortez lost her job and receives unemployment benefits. Michelle shared she has some credit card debt ($300-$400). Though it’s not a lot, it is affecting her credit score and report. Michelle asked how she can pay down debt especially with a high interest rate. If you have any advice for Michelle, please head over to the thread to help her out.

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I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Stay warm!


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