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Hi everyone,

Happy last day of July. Tomorrow is a new month! I know summer may have looked a bit different for many of us. What are you most looking forward to in August? 

There have been a number of money questions in the community this week that I’d love your perspective on. Here they are:

@Andrew Riley asked if it is possible to get a loan without a job? Has anyone had any experience with this? If so, please head on over to the thread and share your advice with Andrew.

Rosemary Daniel asked “What do you do if you're missing unemployment checks?” If you have some thoughts on the best course of action, comment in the thread.

Finally, @Doris Sekle asked, “What can I do to earn the money now?” 

For weekend reading, here are some articles this week from The Penny Hoarder: 

Stay on Top of Your Spending With These 10 Expense Tracking Apps

Ever ask yourself where your money’s going? Download one of these expense tracking apps and you’ll never have to guess.

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health Without Leaving Your Home

Stress is a natural response to what’s going on right now, but it can also hurt our health if we don’t manage it. Try these 13 tricks to help you manage your stress — without leaving your house or spending a penny.

Want to Know How to Become a Grant Writer? Follow This Expert’s Tips

I know there are often questions in the community about how to earn extra money. If you want a career that can be both lucrative and rewarding, check out this woman’s path to grant writing — and what you need to do to start earning.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Until next week,


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