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Hi everyone,

Happy Friday!

ICYMI: we launched a book club! The Penny Hoarder’s senior writer @Nicole D. is helping us take a deep dive into different money-focused books. And, the discussions will take place right here in the community. Our first book pick is “Napkin Finance” by Tina Hay. “Napkin Finance” is chock-full of clever infographics designed to explain complex money topics in an easily digestible way.

Nicole published the first of several weekly discussion threads in the community centered around material in the book this week. Even if you haven’t picked up the book yet, I’d encourage you to check out the thread as there’s some interesting discussion around budget, and other money-related topics we Penny Hoarders love to nerd out about. Be sure to tune in again next week as Nicole will post the next discussion thread on the book.

Speaking of threads, here are some open threads from the week:

I saw this thread resurface this week on the best personal finance podcasts. If you’re a podcast fan and have a recommendation, please head on over to the thread to share.

@Judy Aquino is seeking advice around debt and bankruptcy. She shared that she cannot afford to pay her bills and she’s having a difficult time finding a second job. Judy asked if there is anyone who has been in her situation and how to know if you should file for bankruptcy. Leave Judy a comment in her thread if you have any advice for her!

@Howard Freeze shared that six years ago, he had a foreclosure on a home loa. Since then, he’s worked his way up to having a 797 FICO Score with $26K personal loan but no credit card debt. He would like to move to San Antonio, Texas and buy a permanent home within 90 days. Howard asked, “Are there mortgage loan companies that make home loans in my situation?” If you have any advice for Howard, please head on over to the thread to share.

And, if you’d like some weekend reading, here’s what’s on The Penny Hoarder this week:

Our Guide to Visiting National Parks (Without Spending a Small Fortune)

The pandemic has paused many long-awaited travel plans, but thanks to the National Park System, you can still take a vacation that’s frugal, fun and safe. Here’s how.

9 Surprising Uses for Windex That Go Beyond Cleaning Glass

Vinegar isn’t the only super performer in your kitchen. Check out these nine surprising uses for Windex that go beyond cleaning your windows and mirrors.

Have a great weekend,


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