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Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! Though I’m sure it looked different last year, I hope everyone had a great holiday. 2021 is here and I’m hoping this year is better for all.

I’m excited to kick off the first announcement of the year. We’re starting the new year right with a new initiative to help you read more books and grow your personal finance knowledge.

We’re launching a book club! The Penny Hoarder’s senior writer @Nicole Dow will lead us in taking a deep dive into different money-focused books. The best part? The discussions will take place right here in the community. Our first book pick is “Napkin Finance” by Tina Hay. “Napkin Finance” is chock-full of clever infographics designed to explain complex money topics in an easily digestible way.

Starting next week, Nicole will publish weekly discussion threads in the community centered around material in the book. We encourage you all to grab a copy of “Napkin Finance” and take part in the conversation. You will also be able to take part in the discussion even if you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on the book.

Keep your eyes here in the community as we’ll send an announcement once the discussion begins. I hope you all are as excited to get your read on as we are!

This week’s most talked about threads:

@Moore Income asked “What are some things you hope to accomplish this year? What is one goal you can set for January that will help you work towards accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions?” If you’re setting goals this year, head on over to the thread to share.

@Trish Young is relocating and buying a new home. She’s been told to pay off her present mortgage to reduce debt to obtain a new mortgage. She stopped by the community to ask if this is the best idea, or if she should sell first and hope to find a house and mortgage prior to close. Or, pay cash from IRAs for the new home. If you have any advice for Trish, please head on over to the thread.

And, if you’d like some weekend reading, here’s what’s on The Penny Hoarder this week:

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Have a great weekend,


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