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Happy Valentine’s Day! Anyone have any fun plans to share? I’m curious to know if you’ve planned something budget-friendly.  

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d highlight some relationship-related threads. Whether it’s a spouse, family member or friend, our relationships have a lot of say-so in how we manage our money. We’d love to get your perspective on these threads: 

This single Penny Hoarder feels uncomfortable with not having someone to bounce her financial decisions off of. For those of you who are single and managing your finances on your own, how do you deal with not having someone readily available to talk about money with? Share some tips over on the thread. 

This Penny Hoarder wants to be able to save for her kids, but right now, she’s paycheck-to-paycheck. For those of who have been there, what tips do you have?

If it applies to you, hopefully you have your Valentine’s day gifts set by now; however, if you’re still looking or want to bookmark some ideas for next year, this Penny Hoarder asked where to find free flowers, roses, snacks, or chocolate. If not free, are there budget-friendly options? Share over on the thread

A great question came up about how to teach kids about budgeting. If you have some thoughts on this, please do chime in! 

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I always enjoy reading about how other people are finding success with managing their money. We’ve got plenty of money tips from real couples who have paid off debt, improved their credit scores and built businesses.

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I subscribe to the newsletter. I don't get to read it as often as I would like but every time I do I find helpful information both in the newsletter and in the articles it links to!

I spent most of the evening delivering food since this day happens to be one of the busiest day for food delivery.

My wife had to go out of town for the weekend due to a family friend passing away so we had to change up our plans a little.

We were already planning just to do something at home anyway so we will just reschedule it for when she gets back.

Our plan was to simply spend the evening together and make a nice steak dinner with steak we purchased from Aldis and splurged a little outside of our normal food budget.

Dinner at home was much more appealing to us than going to a crowded restaurant, so I am looking forward to celebrating post-Valentines when she gets back!

I am subscribed to your newsletter and read it almost every day or soon after!  I appreciate that they are rather short, address specific topics and offer links to read further on topics that interest me!

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a hug and a kiss, and promised each other we would not let even Hallmark earn a profit off us yesterday! That is one minor way where financial compatibility in a relationship works well! 

He did help me move some furniture around, and I moved my PC and some equipment out of his office into an area more convenient for me. I have lived with a business office in my  living room for 27 years and now that he is retired, I'm slowly getting my living room back to be used as it should be! He's very comfortable with leaving his office up right there, but he's moving..........just slowly! So yesterday was a great day!!

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@Moore Income You're a good husband Jon.  It's always best when both spouses are on the same page with all spending. It's great to me that you put thought into your wife's gift. In this case, flowers or candy would have been a thoughtless gift and wasted money. 

My brother in law is horrible to his wife all year long, but ALWAYS buys her flowers on Valentine's Day. If I was her, I'd tell him give me the money and save up for a divorce. My husband is great to me all year long and I get an extra kiss on Valentine's Day. (LOL...I don't want candy and our cat eats the flowers and causes chaos anyway). I'll keep mine. 

I will treasure my first Valentines card  handmade by my granddaughter. It’s the first time she wrote “Bubbie” on a card! I’m going to buy a frame for it!  I never knew how much I’d love to have a new name! I’m Bubbie! 

@dboothe Thanks! 

We both don't really care to much for "possessions" and so we try to be thoughtful about what we spend our money on when it comes to gifts.

So many people just buy things because that is the typical gift to get that time of year and that is why holidays are so commercialized.

But I believe that thinking outside the box a bit and doing something unique can be much more memorable!

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