Hi everyone, 

Tomorrow is February 29! I must know: how is everyone planning on spending the extra day this year? 

With another month almost behind us, I’m also keen to know how everyone is faring with their money goals for the year? Any progress? Setbacks? Please share, so we can continue to support one another.

Big shout out @Moore Income for sharing his Financial Fitness February journey with us. If you’re not familiar, this past month, Jon shared a daily money tip that he actively applied to his life. It’s been fun to follow along his journey. You can check out this link if you want to read all of Jon's entries

We have a new survey for the month of March. We’re asking, “What would it take to make you feel “financially comfortable?” I’m so looking forward to seeing the responses. 

There are a lot of great conversations going on in the community this week. Here are some threads that caught my attention: 

This Penny Hoarder asked, “What are the benefits of using a credit card?” I love questions like this because it helps bring us back to the basics. If there are some credit card benefits you can’t live without, please let this member know.

I liked this thread about useful ways to generate side income. As a side hustle aficionado, I always appreciate a side hustle tip or two. For those of you who have found effective ways to generate side money, please do share your methods. 

This Penny Hoarder needs help recovering from a scheming slum lord. What advice do you have for her in dealing with the slum lord? Plus, how do you bounce back after an ordeal like this?

This Penny Hoarder is looking forward to retirement. She asked, what kind of senior discounts can she expect in retirement

Going into the weekend, I thought you all may enjoy this article on The Penny Hoarder about how to use your tax refund wisely. With April 15 just around the corner, I thought this could be a helpful read. Here it is: Your Tax Refund is Not a Gift Card. It’s Your Money — Use it Wisely.

Happy weekend!


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Love having a FREE day! Looking forward to spending it catching up on some tasks around the house and with my reselling business as I prepare to start back up at my job on Monday.


It has been a great month but I am looking forward to to focus on a specific aspect of my finances.

I am thinking of something like "March Against Debt" to see how many ways I can focus on debt reduction. Hoping that might be helpful to some people in this community.

I have the check to repair the flood damage. I’m going to ask my son and son-in-law to help me screen out the scam contractors. One look at an older woman in a power chair, they charge the moon and back. Does this sound like a good plan? 

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