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Hi everyone, 

I hope you all had a great week. 

As someone who has adjusted well to my sunny life in Florida, I was thrilled to hear Pete the groundhog did not see his shadow — hello, Spring!

There’s been a lot of great discussion in the community this past week. A lot of you are asking some great questions, so let’s help each other out. We’d love your thoughts on these threads:

Catherine Nicholas asked “Once enrolled and debt is paid off, how long does it take to get a good credit score?”  

@TRIPLEA87 asked, “Do you pay all bills in one day or spread throughout the month?” 

This Penny Hoarder is almost 70 and is planning for the inevitable. She asked about the nuances of life Insurance

As you’ve gotten your finances in order, I asked: how do you deal with mooching family members and friends

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And, if you’d like some weekend reading… 

There are tons of small, simple ways to put extra cash in your bank account so you don’t feel that panic at the first of the month. These tactics won’t put tons of money in your pocket, but it’s noted which ones will. Here it is: 9 creative ways to pay rent when the bank account

Finally, for our retirees in the group —  are you interested in being included in an upcoming article on The Penny Hoarder? Our staff writer, Nicole Dow, stopped by the community this week and asked if any retirees have tips on how to cut costs and save money in retirement. If this is you, please consider sharing your experiences with Nicole. You may be included in an upcoming article on The Penny Hoarder.

Until next week! 


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I cut out delivery of newpapers, magazines and soda pop, also I don't smoke so cigarette money is saved.  If you take medications ask pharmacy if you can get straight from the manufacture company.  Or call them yourself.  Also stop going to the store for a few items.  Do a good grocery shopping once a month or every two weeks, buy in bulk and freeze, also watch movies on TV rather than go to the theatre or go to the library where they are free.  Go to senior centers they also are free for activies that do not cost anything

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