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Happy March everyone!

How is everyone doing? Comment down below -- I’d love to know what’s been top of mind for you!

Robin Hartill aka Dear Penny stopped by the community this week to share she’s working on FAQ about the newest relief bill, which includes $1,400 stimulus checks, an expansion of unemployment benefits until early September and a bigger child tax credit. If you have questions about these topics, please drop a comment in her thread and Robin will do her best to answer. 

Here are some threads that have come up recently -- would love to know your thoughts!

@Vicki Farrington asked for tips on work-from-home jobs for disabled adults. If you have any idea for Vicki, head on over to the thread and share your thoughts.

Zandra asked, “Which location would be better for a wedding to save money? Church, forest, or beach?” Head on over to the thread to share your opinion.

@cindyk asked for ideas on the best place to store her savings for her kid’s college. Any ideas? Head on over to the thread and share them with Cindy.

@GinaH asked if anyone has used Fundrise or Diversyfund for real estate investing. I’m curious about this one too! If you’re a user of one of these platforms, share your experiences with Gina at the thread.

Here’s what’s on The Penny Hoarder this week:

Suze Orman Shares Her Advice on How to Ride Out the Pandemic

Money expert Suze Orman shares what financial moves you should make to ride out the pandemic.

Before Tackling Home Improvements, the Decision: When to DIY or Hire a Pro

Before you take on a home improvement project, you’ll have to decide: when to DIY or hire a pro. We break down when it’s best to bring in a professional.

5 Clever Tricks That Will Make Your Kids Excited About Investing

Warren Buffett bought his first stock at 11, so it’s never too early to learn about investing. Here are 5 ways to teach your mini mogul about investing.

Have a great weekend,


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That Suze Orman article was great! I'll be passing that along to my friends and clients.

I know that I have been one of the fortunate ones- kept my job the whole time. I was pretty proud of my 3 month emergency fund, however, I am working on building it up as this year has shown me that I need to be even more prepared for the unexpected, if possible. So all stimulus and tax returns are building that up. (12 months seems so out of reach!)

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