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I hope you all had a chance to ask Dear Penny a question this week. If you didn’t know, we’ve had Robin Hartill, the voice behind the personal finance column Dear Penny and The Penny Hoarder’s Sr. Editor, join us in the community this week to answer all your money questions as related to COVID-19. 

There have been so many fantastic questions, and Robin will be available through today to answer your most pressing questions. If you haven’t already, drop by the thread and leave a question, or comment on someone else’s question. Let’s continue to help each other out!  

At The Penny Hoarder, we want to make sure we’re keeping you informed on what’s taking place in your wallet amid COVID-19. 

Here’s the latest set of articles, or tips and tricks to help you adjust to our new normal.

These articles should help you understand how COVID-19 is affecting your wallet...

Everything We Know About the $1,200 Coronavirus Stimulus Checks So Far

The Senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion bill late Wednesday night aimed at providing relief from the financial impact of the pandemic. In addition to the $1,200 payments for most adults in the U.S., the bill massively expands unemployment benefits for those impacted by the virus. It also provides hundreds of billions in loans to struggling small businesses and larger companies. This article breaks down everything we know so far. 

How You Could Get a Temporary Break From Student Loans Due to COVID-19

If you’re trying to figure out how to navigate student loan amid coronavirus. Here’s how you can get a temporary break from this debt. 

Before Spending Your Emergency Fund, Ask Yourself These Questions

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a financial squeeze on many households. Ask yourself these four questions before spending your emergency fund.

These articles will help you manage this new normal… 

How to Store 13 Fruits and Veggies So They Stay Fresh (and Save You Money)

A quick way to tighten up your food budget is to stop throwing so much of your food away. Here’s how to store 13 common fruits and vegetables so they’ll stay fresh longer - and you’ll save more money.

Want to Build a Cheap Home Gym? Here’s How to Spend Less Than $100

Gyms, like other public establishments, are closing to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. Here’s how you can build a home gym that will help you stay on top of your workouts — all for less than $100.

13 Free and Effective Ways to Manage Your Coronavirus-Related Stress 

Stress is a natural response to what’s going on right now, but it can also hurt our health if we don’t manage it. Try these 13 tricks to help you manage your stress — without leaving your house or spending a penny.

Happy (quarantined) weekend! 

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As a newly minted pennyhoard I am most likely not the only older community candidate. However, very much in need of catching up wth skills developed since my active time in the financial industry...in just the past hour or two I’ve gotten schooled on tips, actionable advice and joined a community of sharing care people...wow

Yes stressing like everyone. However I do have faith. But I have had a struggle with my finances for quite sometime now. It's my fault. I bet I'm the oldest of you. But I'm ready to get myself back to where I need to be.

Hi i stop stressing because i know it doesnt help. Im concerned. I have alot of faith. And hope. I know this will soon pass. Peace we have finally. Sad way to get people to help and love one another. But its working. Im strapped too. I get ssi not much. But blessed on wht i get. Im 66.

I'm 66 and on SSI also.  Fortunately I am on a Veterans' program for rent.  

I live with 2 good cats, my home library, and hobbies.  It's not so bad what with voluntary quarantine.  I keep in contact with my military brothers and sisters and a few neighbors....  oh, and Facebook.  

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