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Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering how we’re already at the end of March? It feels like we were just kicking off the new year, and here we are rounding out Q1.

What’s this year been like for you so far? What are you most looking forward to in these Spring months? Comment in the thread and let us know!

After a couple of conversations with friends who were dealing with their own financial dilemmas, I started a thread asking “How do you talk to your friends about money?” If you speak intimately about money with your friends, how do you navigate those conversations? If you have any thoughts on experiences to share, head on over to the thread to do so.

Here’s what’s new on The Penny Hoarder this week:

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I still have a hard time believing that I will receive monthly installments of the expanded child tax credit! I am considering my plans for it so I will already have it written into my budget and not just blow it. I would like to do more than just save it...

And this year has been good so far! Starting to spend more time at the actual office but also currently have some flexibility to be home with my teenagers, and I want to keep that for as long as I possibly can. But I am SO looking forward to spring, and have already enjoyed a few BEAUTIFUL days. The snow has almost melted and I am loving having the windows open and getting fresh air.

I'm really looking forward to getting out more once the weather warms up. Spring is my favorite season. Financially, my year looks great so far. My first quarter earnings from taking surveys and participating in focus groups are good, I've received unexpected refunds from my mortgage company, health insurance company, etc. The stimulus checks have arrived in a timely fashion, and most of all I've accomplished one of my financial goals for the year which is to start investing again.

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