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...and just like that, we’re in March! I was thinking this morning about things that make March unique. For me, when I think of March, I think of March Madness, the start of spring, daylight savings, and… what else? “You know it’s March when…” comment down below and tell us what March means for you. I’ll be honest with you all — I’m mostly excited about the possibility of warmer weather! 

There’s been a lot of chatter here in Florida and across the nation about coronavirus. What’s interesting is how disease can affect our finances. Is there anyone who has made significant changes in their financial habits in response to the coronavirus outbreak?

We have a new survey for the month of March. We’re asking, “What would it take to make you feel “financially comfortable?” I’m so looking forward to seeing the responses. 

There are a lot of great conversations going on in the community this week. Here are a couple of threads that caught my attention: 

This Penny Hoarder has been working away from home over the last three months. She’s been living in hotels and while having someone else clean up after her has been great, she says she’s spending way too much on frozen or convenience food, which hasn’t been easy on her wallet. She wants to get back into weekly meal planning and is wondering how else she can stretch the large batch of chicken she prepared. Meal planners, let’s help this community member out! 

This Penny Hoarder asked what he should do with newly acquired money. This is a question that comes up often when people come into money. I love that we’re brave enough to ask each other these things! If you have advice you can share with this member, please do so in the thread. 

And, now for a money tip...

You all share such wonderful money tips and tricks in the community. I want to make sure I highlight them, so we can continue to learn from one another. For example, @Bena Elloheem shared that she does a self-imposed money tax in order to save each month. Is there anyone else who does this or considering it?

Finally, with International Women’s Day on Sunday, I thought you all may enjoy this article on The Penny Hoarder about wise money moves women should make

Happy weekend!


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You know it's march when.... you see the blue sky peeking out and its not overcast all the time!

March signals that there is light at the end of the tunnel and winter is nearing it's end. And we will see the sun! And I start thinking about what flowers and veggies I will be planting. 

March has brought some much needed warmer (but still chilly) weather here in Fargo, ND. It makes me really look forward to Spring.

My Dad's birthday and my wife's birthday are both in March so it tends to be a happy month for me.

I have not really changed anything financially due to the virus, I personally believe that while it is a serious issue, some people are overreacting to it a bit.

I have been away from the community the past couple of weeks as I have been trying to get accustomed to being back at my job, I see some changes in the design which look pretty nice!

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