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Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! What a week. I feel like I say this all the time, but I can’t believe we’re at the end of April. What’s been going on in your world? Comment down below and let us know what you have been up to.

There have been so many great conversations this week in the community that I’d love to get your take on. Here we go:

I love this topic @Nicole D. started up in the community this week. With the vaccine out, I’m noticing more people making plans, including travel and group outings. Now here’s the thing — what do you do when the group outing becomes too expensive? Head on over to the thread to read some great suggestions from other members and of course, share your own experiences with handling this awkward money situation.

Would you ask your partner for a prenup? @Nicole D. posed this question this week as well. There seemed to be a good mix of responses here. I’d love to hear more feedback on this one, especially if you have a prenup in place. Are you pro or against prenuptial agreements? Head on over to the thread for the discussion.

While we talk almost exclusively about personal finances here, real life happens. I try to always keep that at the forefront when commenting here. BeckAtsila shared in her thread I'm safe--sort of that her family was affected by the Indianapolis shooting. @BeckAtsila, we are thinking of you. We are grateful you’re part of our community and are always here to offer support and encouragement. Please head on over to the thread to see BeckAtsila’s question.

We had some new articles go live on The Penny Hoarder. Here’s a couple for weekend reading:

What’s Behind the Dogecoin Craze? Your Top 8 Questions Answered

Who let the Dogecoin out? If you’re wondering why everyone is talking about the canine-themed cryptocurrency, you’re not alone. @Robin Hartill answered your top questions.

Dear Penny: I Have $700K, So Why Do I Get Panic Attacks Over Money?

She has $700,000 of retirement savings and an emergency fund. Can Dear Penny help her get to the root of why she’s always panicked about money?

Have a great weekend,


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