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Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing? What are your weekend plans?

I plan to enjoy the warm weather by spending some time with family outside. Speaking of outside, we’ve published a lot of content about how to earn additional income on The Penny Hoarder. I always see questions pop up here about how to earn more money, so here’s an article that went live this week about summer side hustles.

Without further ado, here are a couple of new topics from the week that I’d love your thoughts on:

@Deanne shared that she invested in a 401(k) at a former employer 20 years ago. She has since moved on from the company but left her 401(k) with that employer's provider. Now she's close to retirement and searching for her money. She asked “Is this money gone for good?” If you have any experience tracking down 401(k) monies, head on over to the topic and share your advice with Deanne.

@Tata said she received correspondence that she could raise her total credit limit by adding a new credit card. She asked, “Why would I need another credit card? I have a high FICO score and doing quite well paying off credit card debts.” Head on over to the thread and share your thoughts.

Here’s weekend reading:

25 Painless Ways to Save Money When Your Paycheck Is Already Stretched Thin

Are you sick of hearing that the secret to saving money is to cut the latte habit you’ve never had? Here are 25 of our best tips for saving when money is tight.

Teach Grandma Zoom: 12 Ways for Teenagers to Make Money

Tech skills that come naturally to teens are a way to make money, too. Check out our 12 business ideas for kids, including offering TikTok classes.

Have a great weekend,


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I followed up via DM @lismox.

All — we're in the midst of changing some things here in Community. As a result, we have sunset our current points program. We plan to implement a new points program that will provide our Community members a more valuable, comprehensive experience. As things firm up, we'll share more details on the exciting updates ahead. If you have anymore questions about points or where Community is headed, feel free to send me a DM.


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