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Happy Friday! 

Can you believe Monday is the start of a new month? Does anyone have any quarantine-friendly activities planned for the summer?

I’m seeing a lot of great conversations in the community. Here are is a thread that caught my attention: how to save money. This is always a relevant topic and top of mind for a number of us here. What are your best tips for saving money? Share your thoughts over on the thread.

If you’d like some weekend reading, here are a few articles from The Penny Hoarder:

Say Goodbye to Full-Price Ebooks: Here’s How to Use BookBub to Save

If your summer plans include lounging by the pool with your Kindle, we have an easy way to help you save money on those e-books. It’s a free tool that will alert you to the latest deals on popular page-turners. Now if it could just deliver you a frozen drink.

Dust Off and Clean Up Your Budget With These 5 Steps

For those of you looking for ways to clean up and improve your budgeting, here are five steps to dust off and clean up your budget. 

Finally, we recently released a new survey question. We asked: What are your current top financial priorities?. We’d love to hear from you, so we can better support you through the content we are delivering in our Daily newsletter and on ThePennyHoarder.com.

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This week flew by and what's even crazier is we are already almost half way through 2020!

Wishing everyone a prosperous second half!

good morning every body  just started a saving some what i let my bank take out $20 a month from now on. non stop that way it cover any over draft protection  

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