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Hi everyone, 

I hope you had a great week! Hopefully you were able to enjoy this past fourth of July weekend. Though I know this year’s celebrations may have looked different for many of us. I hope you and your family have been safe. 

It’s been great continuing the conversation with you all here in the community. There were a number of great questions and comments in community this week:

Here are a few threads I’d love your perspective on: 

@karen robinson wrote it after returning from a three-month furlough. Karen shared she’s no longer on salary and not guaranteed enough days to make her bills. Karen is now searching for a new job and can use some encouragement. Has anyone successfully landed a new job during this pandemic? What would you recommend Karen do? Head on over to the thread and share your thoughts.

With all the changing COVID orders, this community member asked: How is everyone dealing with the changing COVID rules?. If you have any suggestions for coping mechanisms or just need a place to share your story, please check out the thread. 

@Arica started a thread back in February about entitled family members. I saw a few new comments added this past week that I thought were interesting. If you’ve had trouble navigating money and family, please comment in the thread and share your experience. 

And, if you’re looking for some weekend reading, here are some articles his week from The Penny Hoarder: 

You Have Transferable Skills. Use Them to Land a Job in a New Field

Transferable skills can help you navigate the current job market. Here’s everything you need to know to uncover your transferable skills and use them to land a job.

The Pandemic Changed the Way We Buy Groceries. Here’s What to Keep in Mind

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we buy groceries. Meaning we’re spending a lot more on food at home. Here’s how to adjust your shopping strategies.

Finally, I wanted to share this how-to video our team at The Penny Hoarder produced on DIY wipes. I thought it was an easy, approachable and useful DIY. Plus, it’s budget-friendly! 

I hope you all have a fantastic and safe weekend.

Until next week!


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