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Hi there,

I have been making monthly payments since a debt collection attorney/ agency. I was told that if I did not make my payments my wages would be Garnished. I have heard recently they cannot threaten you with garnishment. Since the pandemic I have reduced my payments to about half the original amount  as well as enclosing a note requesting a debt validation letter so I know what I'm paying. I have not received one and this is at least the fifth time I have requested this.  Any suggestions?

Thanks, Leisa

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Hi,, I know they can do it,, I live in and I did receive paperwork about they were gonna garnish my wages,, I just didn’t do anything,, I did not go to court on the date,, I was supposed to go,, and that’s when they got the court order to garnish my paycheck, well they won, in court because I DID NOT SHOW UP,, and they took $50.00 per week out until it was paid off,, I really didn’t think they would go to that extent,, but they did,, got the money I owed,, plus a lot more,, court fees and lawyer fees,, in the end ,,, yes I got screwed,, so if nothing else,, go to court,, then maybe, depending on your story,, it will be your word against theirs,, whoever is the better talker,, good Luck and don’t do what I did,,

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