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So going through a divorce after a long abusive relationship. On top of that the a** maxed out all my credit cards, bought stuff in my name (like a truck) and gave it away, broke pricey items that had to be replaced, damaged the house etc... Slowly trying to recover, replace, rebuild and of course the credit cards are the worst! And of the credit bureaus TransUnion seems to be transitioning into a scam or mob like business. Holding us hostage and making us pay for their services even thought they created themselves and hounded businesses until their services were seen as useful. They aren't government created or appointed, but we have no choice but to deal with them.

So 90% of the time I try to login TU says I can't and I have to call. 80% of the time that I call I have to make more than 5 attempt to get someone on the line. When I do finally get in there are changes and they are wrong 100% of the time. And now, in order to do a car loan I need my credit report, and WE HAVE TO BUY ACCESS TO OUR CREDIT SCORES FOR TU ???? And then it's only for 30 days, $9.95! Wtf???!!!! How is that legal!!!???!!??

And credit score/bureau/advocates out there with the answers?

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If you're trying to buy a car, the finance company will run your report. Why do you have to provide it? Also, sign up for credit sesame or credit karma. You can see your credit score and report for free any time you want to.  Another thing you might want to consider is free credit counseling, since your ex messed things up for you.

Sorry to hear about your troubles Amy. It might take some time, but doing your due diligence (and it sounds like you are) will hopefully get your finances back on track.

Besides TU, there are several options for free credit reports, including the site @AnnieB mentioned. There's also a community post on getting to know your credit that might have some helpful info! https://community.thepennyhoar...-to-know-your-credit

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