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Hi all! It's been quite a while since I have posted on here. While I still try checking in from time to time, my time on the internet has been limited.

My wife and I have now been on the road for over 1 month. We are on a trip to visit all 50 States in the U.S.A. and to date we have been to 18 of them. (Driving 48 and flying to Alaska and Hawaii)

Our goal is to finish 49 by December and then fly to Hawaii in early January to complete the trip.

Many times we get the question, "How can you afford this trip?"

The truth is, my wife and I are not wealthy by any means, we simply planned and saved up over a year to make this trip possible.

We purchased a Toyota Prius specifically for this trip to save on gas, we do Mystery Shopping to save on food and we have only paid for accommodations when we went to Alaska and every other night was spent either camping in our car or staying with family or friends.

We also visit a lot of free places and bought a Annual pass to national parks so we only paid the fee of $80 + shipping.

This is truly the journey of a lifetime for my wife and I but we hope by doing it to inspire others that it is possible even if you don't have a lot of money.

If you have any questions about the trip feel free to ask.

Also, if you know of any other ways we can save money on the road on food, gas or lodging or any other travel hacks that might help, please share your experience with us!

I will try to log on here as often as possible and will definitely be on here more once this trip is finished and life gets back to normal.

Hi, I'm Jon Moore! Blogger @ Moore Income

My goal is to Impact others and Create A Better Financial Future for all!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time with any questions or just to say hey!

Also, if you are interested, check out my Youtube Channel


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Wow! Fantastic and can't wait to follow your and your wife's adventure!  What a dream to fulfill!  I have a question about camping in your car. Are you staying at campgrounds, rest stops?? My question is not only about saving money, but a safety inquiry.  

I'm in tune with Margarette Stein, we've recently become avid AirBnB fans for anything longer than overnight, especially when traveling with other family or good friends.

If you are staying at campgrounds, many offer free space in return for hands on working, although most are looking for seasonal campers. But it doesn't hurt to ask.  It can be as simple as raking sites to trash pickup.

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