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Buy what you need not what you want. Once a month treat yourself. 99ct store works great.

Secondly......learn to say NO. Borrow me 20.......NO. Can i borrow your car........NO. Can you help me with this..............NO. Can i borrow your lawn mower.....NO etc.

Try it for  a month. You will see how much easier your life becomes. It's not that hard. If people get upset with your new life style it doesn't say much about them.

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Don't love money - love people.  When you have enough clothes to look clean, pleasant, and appropriate [even when you need to do laundry], its time to stop buying clothes.  Practice: Gratitude. A thankful heart. Contentment. These things are in the Bible, but not practiced by many.  Go back to #1: Don't love money - love people. There are massive amounts of people who need our help.  Instead of treating yourself, treat them.  Instead of going out for a fancy meal, set the table nice, put a meal in the crockpot, and then find someone in need and spend the "fancy restaurant" money on groceries for them, instead.  Instead of a new outfit for yourself - find someone who needs a new pair of shoes, or a sweater, or a new outfit.  Take them shopping, and have fun together.  Or, instead of spoiling your children with too many toys, too many "I wants" - send in some new things to the Foster Care program near you for the children who are waiting a home.  Giving is so much more blessed than getting!

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