I have been a private tutor for the past few years. It has been a been a great experience. I can work online or in my home. I decided to expand to my business. Now I launched tutoring platform for online tutors! The tutor choose their own prices and its commission free. Now all I need is ways to get new students

Parent! Does your child need a little extra help this school year. prestoneducation is now accepting middle school ,high school, and college students! 

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As a student living in the suburbs, I'd like to say that the fastest way for people in and around my city is by using an app called Nextdoor. It's a free app that connects the people within a city together—like a neighborhood watch sorta thing online. And the fastest way to spread word is by making others spread the word, rather than ads. Students who know they need help could see an ad, for example, and if they see that your edu system is working for them, they could tell their friends. This is just my personal opinion, but just wanted to chip in, I guess.

I've run a tutoring biz from home ever since my school closed in 2008.  Tips--  run an ad on cl, which you renew each Friday (costs $5/month). Take tiny line ads in the classified section of publications parents in your area read.  I hire tutors based upon need, AFTER the student registers!  Good luck.

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