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Have had a Devine intervention in the last 3 mo of my life & I no longer have debilitating chronic pain!! Am currently working as a charge nurse on an L&D unit in hospital but know God has bigger plans for me to serve the community! I have some ideas but not sure how to start & havent found that 1 idea yet that seems like it is my purpose! Please help if you have any suggestions. No matter how small it is. Thanks in advance & have a great Sunday!

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Well for your idea i would say you should look into Digitizing your idea by creating an application for your idea and publishing it to users that would help you get your targeted customers as well as get your business to a next level.

i have made a few of mine medical apps and they worked just fine for m, you should try out medical application design & development portal and could discuss your idea and they can help you out free of cost.

General applications Ui designing and development

Medical application Ui and prototype design and implement

Lisa I got my first issue of penny hoarder just now and see your post. Had to comment. First thanks. To read someone with chronic pain had divine intervention is so encouraging to me and my medical issues. It gives me hope and reminds me God is faithful. My suggestion for your business idea- trust and ask God. He'll expose your passion, your purpose and you'll be on your way. - Stay safe and thank you for your essential service as a nurse.

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