Happy Friday, Penny Hoarders! I’d like to introduce you to our newest community ambassador, @Maryann. Maryann meet the amazing Penny Hoarder community, community meet Maryann!

She’ll be an additional resource for you all by helping me answer your questions and post important announcements. I’m not going anywhere, and will be still be around getting to know you all.  Join me in giving Maryann a warm welcome!


Ashlee is a Community Ambassador for The Penny Hoarder. Trading the mountains of the PNW for the beaches of FL, she enjoys exploring new places, cold brew and spending time with her family.

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Moore Income posted:

Hey Maryann! Welcome to the community!

It was great getting to meet you at the Brews & Side Gigs event and I look forward to connecting with you on here.

Great meeting you too, @Moore Income! Thanks for coming out to support. Hope you enjoyed the event. Look forward to connecting more here! 

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