I remember hearing about the Equifax data breach, but it wasn't until just today that I checked on this website and found out that I was affected by the breach.

I didn't even know, but it does worry me a bit because you wonder if/when they might actually try using my data.

Because a settlement was reached recently in this case, I was able to file a claim to receive 10 years of credit monitoring or $125 since my data was part of the compromised data.

Has anyone else done this or have experienced any problems related to this data breach?

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Yes.  I only count on getting pennies, though.  The more people that can claim it, the less the payout.  It just reminds us of common sense stuff, like freezing our credit cards at bank websites, opting out of credit card offers, freezing our credit reports so that no one other than us can apply for credit in our name.

More scary to me is that Capital One was breeched with 100 million people's info out there potentially.  This was just reported this week.

I already claimed mine. I was easy to do . I always keep tabs on Class action suits. If you have had your identity stolen I would check into this as they have to pay you back for all of your hassle. 

I keep tabs on Class Action suits all the time it is easy  to do .

Oh yes, I was affected as I knew I would be even before going to the site and it being confirmed. When the Equifax breach happened last year, I immediately froze my credit with the top 3 CRAs: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian as well as with some smaller CRAs. I also created new passwords for all my major financial accounts, social accounts, and my email accounts. I had been a victim of identity theft in the early 2000s (major time suck: police reports, contacting individual creditors, etc.) and placed fraud alerts with the CRAs. Fraud alerts are too mild in today's environment; the big chop is a credit freeze. Now, no one but me can open accounts in my name, and I must use the unfreeze codes they issued me to unfreeze. I carry a Capital One card, so will be checking out what steps to take.

I'm going to op out on the Equifax settlement. The problem is that I don't know how you can ever prove future issues were the direct result from the Equifax breach.  But I'm going to leave that door open, none the less.

I feel most of the compensation offered is an insult to consumers who have no choice in being monitored by credit bureaus.  I've often found errors in my credit reports by the "Big 3" and the weight they swing with banks, insurance companies, and other creditors is scary.  They owed us better protection! 

I'm really getting weary of no more than hand slaps to the Equifaxes and Wells Fargo Banks of this world that leave consumers with the mess and costs resulting from identity theft.

I wrote about the Equifax breach last week and what to consider before making a claim: https://www.thepennyhoarder.co...quifax-breach-check/

More than half of all U.S. adults had their Social Security numbers leaked. If you haven't already, please please check if your data was comprised at www.equifaxbreachsettlement.com.

After that, you have a few options. While the $125 sounds nice, there's a lot to consider when claiming the money. 

As @mintjulep mentioned, it's impossible to know how your information will be used in the future. If you make a claim in the suit, you forfeit your right to sue Equifax personally.

Another issue is that there's an estimated 147 million people affected and not nearly enough money for everyone. Claiming the $125 doesn't guarantee you will see all of it, or anything near that number.

You can change your claim by emailing [email protected]. You can also leave a comment about the settlement case and check your claim by calling the Equifax settlement administrator (a third party) at 1-833-759-2982.

Everyone in my house was breached.  I won't take the credit monitoring service.  I kinda feel it's like asking the chicken to guard the hen house.  I mean, if their security protocols were so great in the first place, none of us would be having this conversation.

I was breached. My credit scores were also completely erased as if they never existed and im still desperately trying to get them back as I wasnt to purchase a home. Since then, no matter what I do, I still have no score. Looking for answers to resolve yours as at age 58, no score is beyond bad credit

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