I have always strove to look for a work from home job that actually pays.  Luckily, most offices today are working on reconstructing to enable all positions to work from home. Sometimes it's a matter of taking an office job and waiting it out (like me).  On a more time friendly note, a friend of mine does online writing, editing and makes resumes for people.  And she has been able to maintain her life for several years now.  Pennyhoarder has several articles regarding writing online jobs.  You should check those out.

The Penny Hoarder's WFH section would be the first place I would recommend visiting. They take quite a bit of time to find quality work from home jobs.

If none of those work for you, have you considered starting a side hustle that would allow you to work from home?

This could be anything from buying and reselling, affiliate marketing, writing, etc.

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