Salutations, Penny my question falls upon child support. Their are millions  of women and few men who receives child support. This  is still an underline issue and unspoken concern. Why haven't  the  government' address this topic within then the trillion dollar stimulus package. Now some male individuals such as my children's father will now see this as an opportunity to not be obligated by the courts; to pay child support. As for those who apply for unemployment benefits and will recieve an stimulus check, will any of funds go towards payments for child support ?? For some folks that is part of there income, as the main provider of the child or children. Will this be addressed at all??

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@Pepsi People with unpaid child support will likely have their stimulus check reduced or they won't get one at all. This is the only instance where unpaid debt will affect someone's stimulus check. People who owe back taxes or are delinquent on student loans will still get their checks. Unfortunately, we don't really have any details on whether the person's check would go to the person they owe child support to.

People who owe child support will have all or part of their stimulus check taken.

I don't understand why you think that they can use this as a reason to not pay child support. If you have a court order, they are obligated to pay. If they aren't working, then yes, they won't be able to pay it, but it will accrue and they will suspend their driver's license, make it unable for them to get a passport, garnish their wages and take anything they receive from taxes or the government. 

If you only have a verbal agreement, I would definitely get a court order and apply through the child support division in your state to have it taken directly from their paychecks. I had to do this on my ex-wife, as she never help up her end of our verbal agreement. 

Hi Pepsi,

I was a concerned parent regarding this as well. With my understanding it will be treated similarly as a tax return credit. Child support cases that are handled through state agencies and who have arrears greater the $2,500, the non custodial parent should not recieve the stimulus check and it should go to the custodial parent. Hope this information helps you.

Thank  you for  your positive  response JamieS! This did shed some light on my concern. I would perfer that this topic could be publicly announced, from  the leaders of our nation; and  be held accountable  and really shed some light on this issue. I pray that what your saying  is true and  we will see this support  sooner than  later! I'm  a health care worker and and this is still a concern of mines.

Hello, JeremyM thank  you for the positive and informative response. I do have an  order in place. Im just concern that this virus pandemic  will enhance those who are obligated with child support issues or spousal support issues; to stop the process even more so, and continue to display no effort  or initiative to get back on their feet once this pandemic is over to provide support.  

Hello, and thank you Penny for your response. I just watched  live  today  4-6-20 Governor Cuomo and team represented  with this issues; with child support  and spousal support from  a reporter name Jesse. Even then, this was tip toed  around with no definitive answer. The answer  was in a nut  shell were, we are working with those who have existing  cases with child support  and spousal support that are filing for unemployment benefits.  Still leaving  us parents and ex's in the dark. Penny you have a great platform and connections. Can't your reach or say get attention on this  topic with a more secure answer??

Hi @Pepsi! Unfortunately, this is one of those questions that no one seems to have the answer to. (Same goes for what the cutoff birthday will be for a 17-year-old for the purposes of the $500 credit... No one knows!) 

The best answer I can offer is: It seems like the regular rules for child support and tax returns will apply, which is that someone who's behind on child support's refund (or credit in this case) would be taken and given to the person they owe.

One issue is that no one really knows the process for getting out the payments will work. It's happening very quickly. Government agencies aren't great about communicating with each other. So I think in all likelihood, stimulus checks are supposed to be seized and paid to the parent who's owed. There just aren't any guarantees for how it actually plays out.

As for unemployment being garnished for child support: That's an even bigger question that I can't answer. Child support and unemployment are usually handled by the state, but of course, now people who are unemployed are eligible for $600 a week in federal benefits.

I wish I could add more clarity. But there are so many things we just don't know right now. I'll update you if I find answers. You stay safe out there!

Thank you so much for the update! You stay  safe as well. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge.

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