So, I wanted to know what you all are doing to improve your finances today. 

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I signed up for Robinhood’s Cash Management feature, any uninvested money gains interest at an APY comparable to Discover’s savings account. 

During the three paycheck month, I paid the regular monthly mortgage payment with each paycheck. Now we are paid up until September which gives peace of mind in case things are still slow/shaky.

I review them daily and adjust as needed. Like @redcatec, I didn't sign up for AARP- got the offer in the mail and can't believe that I am old enough for that, how insulting, lol! I took cash out for spending money. 

To begin with I take a look at the credit card purchases and get a clue on what was unnecessary that we bought. Then I try to decide where I could have gotten it cheaper or later. Walmart nearby did me a favor by not having a product I needed in stock, so I turned to the dollar store, there it was, multiple colors of it for, well, you know the price.

In addition, we have taken to growing a vege garden, out of need and safety concerns.

Great job...looking over purchases...seeing what could be purchased cheaper, later or not at all.

Why do we forget the dollar store? For a while, I would go to the dollar store first. That said, sometimes I would go Wal-Mart or another discount store and see it for 88 cents. UGH!  But, it's rare. 

I achieved this for one week, 7 days in a row. I LOST my wallet. I have NO access to any money. No debit card, no credit cards, no cash. I am waiting for the new cards and still a no show. It is maddening. Since I have NO driver's license I cannot even withdraw any cash. My stimulus of course showed while I am without access to it. 

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Hi Leslie,

Hope things are going better for you, what we all need is a contingency plan in the event something like this happens, and it can. Do you have any suggestions on what  you or anybody could do to be prepared and not caught so off guard and out of options? This has to be a big upset to your life.

Some small things. Baked bread and picked a few tomatoes from the garden. Looked over flyers to make up this weeks' shopping list. Had leftovers from the freezer for supper. 

The newspaper we have here has a promotion where if you subscribe for the weekend you get home delivery with it for Wed-Sunday. The bill arrives every other month and what do you know, they always raise the bill, saying the promotion is over. So every other month, I call them up and the debate begins. Since we pay this with a credit card and they have billed the card so we let it go and they have been extending the length of delivery cycle to compensate for the up charge. A few times they have reinstated the promotional rate back to where it was in the beginning. Now, not so much. They did take some off this time, but truthfully I am tired of the hassle. There is very little newsworthy content, the comic section is just not funny and has not been for years, sports you can get on TV if you are interested, and so on. Hubby likes the coupons, he goes through them and looks for the best deals-he does well at this. What I am threatening to do-next time-is discontinue the paper. Walk across the street and buy Wed and Saturdays papers, these have the coupons.

its not a savings account, its an investment account. Sofi asked me what I want to do and they created the strategy. it's all online. the strategy is a combo of bond and stock ETFs. sofi


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