I have a vase that I got as a gift many years ago. I did some research and I’ve seen it valued at anything from $500 to $1900.


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That is a tough one.

Selling on the internet would give you the largest market, however there are so many people who could take advantage of you and shipping a vase worth that much would be no easy task!

Finding someone who deals in such items locally or within driving distance might be your best bet with something like this. You might not get top dollar for it but it would be less of a hassle.

If you were to sell it online, I would recommend a ton of research go into every aspect of the sale from the best place to sell it to how to make sure you get payment and it gets to the buyer without incident. 

I was thinking what was said above but if you had to ship it I don't think I'd be happy with that. There too many scammers out. Meeting them would be best bet. Just thought of one, depending on where you live, you could look into auction houses. 

I have always been happy selling items on Craigslist. I like it because its very user friendly, you dont have to download anything special to use it, its local sales only, so no messing around with shipping, paypal, scammers etc. I find it very helpful to put as many details as i can in my post as it gives the buyer confidence in you & what your selling. Good pictures & different angles of pictures are also good. I also state my terms if there are any & dont put up w buyers who try to go around them-no time for all that. Make sure you pick daylight hours to meet up & always in an easy to find public place. Having change with you also helps when they dont have small bills to pay you. You dont have to budge on price or waste time figuring out how to make the money exchange happen, and why give someone an opportunity to rob you or not follow you as they promised they would. And another good thing about selling items on Craigslist-100% profit for me-i dont have to pay any big company a percent of what i sell, or worry about paying taxes on the money i make. Its all very straightforward and simple-no out bidding, no worrying about items getting damaged in route, no popularity contest-no bs. Its the best. 

I just though of some thing to if you need to ship
an item get it where the person has to sign for the
item. It my help. I do this with all government things

Theodora, I haven't figured how to post on NextDoor.  
it kind of depends.  if the item is worth say, over $1k, I would only post it on local sales venues

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