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I'm curious: what's a job you held that you just loved and why?

For me, it was actually my first job as a teenager. I was a librarian's assistant. I basically spent every day near books. As a certified bookworm, it was a dream role and the additional pocket money was the cherry on the top, especially as a teen. I have a career in marketing now that I absolutely love, but when I think back, working at the library was definitely an amazing gig I'll always remember.

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I have been fortunate and loved most jobs I held. Maryann, I worked in a library through my undergrad and it was great! Hard not to sit and read while I was ordering and receiving new books.

But my favorite job is the one I have now. I work for a local Housing Authority as a Social Worker- helping the work-able households to get out on their own and not need us. Its fun, rewarding, and ever changing.

Dairy dept at Walmart. I worked the graveyard shift, so few customers to bother me. I live in Texas so being in the dairy cooler meant it was the first summer I was not hot. Plus it was a brand new store, and the biggest one in the state for a hot minute. First day you walk in to an empty building. We had to erect all shelving and other display cases. Then stock for grand opening. It was so much fun and the only time a Walmart looked pretty ! Plus throwing gallons of milk for hours on end meant I basically got paid to work out !

Years and years ago, I had two temp/part time jobs that I just loved. It's not that the jobs were that interesting, but the fact that I got to keep more of actual money earned than if I worked one 40 hour job. My hours for the first job were 6a to 12 noon. I'd come home and relax, run errands, or whatever then work from 5p-9p on the second job. Good hours all around with weekends off.

I have worked many "favorite" side gigs actually. But @Maryann, talk about relating. My mother was a Lit teacher and a Librarian and talk about summers helping her unpack her purchases! I couldn't believe it...someone paying you to order books. After that, I worked in college libraries on Work Study programs, but I think my favorite college job was working in a Language Lab for foreign-language students learning English.

My pet and "kid" sitting jobs are my favorites...I love pets and kids!  The pet sitting is where I make the most money.  I have one family with numerous dogs, cats, some chickens and most recently some jellyfish!  It's much less costly for them to pay me cash than to make sure all the critters have all their shots at the same time and no anxiety for them.  I move right into their home if it's a longer term vacation or for shorter terms can pop in and out depending on my own schedule.  The babysitting is generally done for friends who's kiddos I love anyway.

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@lismox I'd love to know what a virtual freelance librarian does, and how did you get into that?

Well I have my master's in library science, and a school COO found my resume on Indeed, and I was hired as an independent contractor. Then I got matched up with an educational consulting company, who referred new jobs to me. I provide reference assistance online through the school's portal or via email. I record webinars for the school. I assist students to locate materials in the online databases. I make suggestions to improve services. It's super niche-y but I'm ok with that.

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My first summer internship during my college years was great. I worked at this lab where they took x-ray photos of bombs while they were detonating and the whole environment there was super top-secret. Had to take up at 5AM to drive to a desert 100 miles away to get there for the daily 7AM meeting (we only worked Mon-Thurs). But no traffic, so it was super exciting. The campus was great, people were friendly, and I learned tons. No corporate politics - just science, explosions, and really dangerous X-rays. Had a couple of other internships that were almost as fun, but I think this one takes the cake.

Little did I know that going into the real world to work would be nothing like that at all lol.


The best job I ever had was at Starbucks. Not only do I love coffee and tea, but I enjoyed getting to know the regulars who came in every day (sometimes multiple times a day). Working there for 6 years, I built lifelong friendships with colleagues and a few regulars, including one who has been a close mentor to me as my career progressed.

I now work in digital media where my core contribution to my company is to nurture relationships with our digital audience. In essence that's what I did at Starbucks too -- building connections with customers in real life.

When people ask what I would do today if I could do anything I wanted, I always respond saying it would be to run a local coffee shop (might serve wine too!).

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