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What's the #1 feature that's important to you to have when selecting a checking account? Whether it's attentive customer service reps, fee-free accounts or high interest, I'd love to hear what you value in a checking account.

Bonus points if you can share some checking account recs with the community. 🔥

For me, no fees and being able to reach a customer rep is huge. There's nothing more frustrating to me than waiting on the line for hours for a rep to take my call.

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NO fees, and the ability to talk with someone in person if needed. Also, a robust online banking/bill pay system. I went with a small local bank and I love them- not a single complaint. They opened a branch in the parking lot of where I work (!) so I make sure to do my banking in person there so they know me, and the small branch will remain open. I encourage all of my clients to utilize this bank, since so many banks have ridiculous fees and this one has none. When you are on a fixed, low income, paying 10$ or more a month for a checking account is crazy.

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