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i am going crazy trying to decide what to do in retirement. I would love to buy a house with my probable savings in two years and then work part time.

The landlord here has been kicking out disabled people over the past year and I want a place to fall back on in case my disabled friend gets kicked out.  

I also want to have a house where i can get a HELO in case of true emergencies. I am not good at keeping my hand out of the savings cookie jar.

What would you do in retirement?  I am trying to figure out a volunteer or part time opportunity. It’s like wanting to find out what you will be when you grow up.


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Hi SharOn

First- have u contacted the government for aid assistance? They can usually help u through a specific program, which, I’m sorry- I forgot the name of.

Next- have u thought about u & ur friend moving to a friendlier place; & move into together. This way u can split 1 RENT. This will give u extra money to start saving🤗

My husband retired early last year from a crazy busy job as a lineman, at 55. However, he doesn't want to just sit around so he found a PT job that keeps him busy but gives him plenty of time to relax- he works in a grocery store. I'm fortunate that I love my job and I plan to work it another 8 years till I am 59 1/2. Maybe then I will work PT, but I don't think so. We plan to move to a home on the lake and drink coffee and fish, while we are young enough to enjoy it. 🙂

The truly wonderful thing about being retired for me has been not feeling compelled to have a plan per se. I've been such a planner all my life ,but I've thoroughly enjoyed these past three years of retirement just sort of going with the flow. I enjoy completing surveys and participating in focus groups, I'm a member of three book clubs (yes, I absolutely love to read), Alzheimer's Association is my cause. My husband is a driver who transports cars from place to place and sometimes I go with him. I'm trying my hand at writing a little. The key for me at least has been to be productive but  to leave a whole lot of room for flexibility. I've paid  my dues regarding rigid schedules. Find what makes you happy and do it!😉

This is 1 year and 4 months in to retirement, it is an adjustment period, a big one. The structure of a regular job is gone, no meeting policy and procedure. No even answering to an alarm clock, driving to work or home again...all gone. It is up to me to figure out what to do all day and i am making plans. I don't like to read, after years of college and the job, I decided I just don't like it. For those that enjoy it, best to you and hopefully you'll continue.

SHurly:  Sounds like the bigger question to first answer is whether or not your are financially able to retire and also take on a mortgage.  While part time jobs are possible, I would be careful about relying on a part time job to pay the mortgage during retirement.  As you get older, you may not be able to work part time.  If your mortgage is at risk of this (and loss of your home), I would want to be sure you can afford a home without a part time job.

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